WuCream Truck Team Presentation

First of all, thank you for visiting our first presentation page!

We know that over time our app will have numerous rollouts, updates, and revisions that will change the look but hopefully never the fell. The beginning design of the app is open for change but we would like to always keep the colors bright and fun for kids.

Our initial design of the app is covered in this presentation. We hope you enjoy!


It’s a Win-Win-Win!

We believe WCT is clever, useful, profitable, and a great way to bring kids together. It’s a win-win-win!

Please join me and my team to help build this app. Our goal is to get this app on all platforms that kids use, including (but not limited to) Android and iOS.


We Are Connected To Social Media!

Timothy, our project manager and creator of WCT, turned 13! He officially qualifies for an account on Facebook and is now taking the lead on the WuCream Team’s social media!


Project Timeline

Aug, 2018

Came up with idea for ice cream truck app

Sep, 2018

Started a savings account for project


Continued saving allowance money for our app

Aug, 2020

Saved enough for website!

Aug, 2020

Heard NPR interview with RZA and came up with the name WuCreamTruck.

Jan, 2021

Saved enough for our own PO Box!

April, 2021

Saved enough to renew PO Box! Woot!

May, 2021

Tim turned 13 and can have a Facebook account! Woot! We can begin focusing on social media!

Jun, 2021

Saved enough for our own development server for the app backend.

Jun, 2021

Sara Hogendoorn Joins WCT Team!

July, 2021

Completed presentation including concept art.