A Review of Our Competition

When coming up with any new idea, it’s always good to see what else is on the market first before you go trying to reinvent the wheel. That’s why, back in 2017 when we came up with the idea, we did an analysis of all the ice cream truck applications that were available. When we first had our idea about developing an ice cream truck app, there weren’t any ice cream truck apps on the market. This status has changed with time though.

For us, the process of trying to develop our app has been made more complicated because after we came up with our idea, ice cream truck apps started springing up around the internet. With each new app, we’ve watch their following rise and then fall as the users become eventually disappointed with the features and usability of the app(s).

Here at the WCT team, we don’t want to pretend that this idea isn’t out in the cosmos being actively thrown around by developers. On this page, we wanted to walk through the different ice cream truck apps that we have seen pop up. Additionally, we would like to point out why these other applications are not making the cut.

No. 1: GoSweet by ClassMade

To begin, let’s start by taking a look at GoSweet by ClassMade. Coming in with a rating that is barely over 1 star on the App Store, GoSweet is sporting fierce reviews like the following:

We were also unable to get the app working. On the Apple Store download page, GoSweet claims:

GoSweet is Uber for icecream, icee, and yoguart to get thirsty you cool down. GoSweet helps icecream truck vendors to find customers and get more orders. GoSweet links Icecream truck owners and local stores with customers.

GoSweet is a dream app for ice cream lovers and icee gourmets:
1. You can easily find nearest ice cream trucks or local ice cream stores on the map
2. You can pre-pick items you would like to order
3. You can submit icecream orders to all nearby ice cream vendors.
4. When an ice cream truck vendor arrives at your nearby/community, you will be notified by push notification with sound alert on your phone.
5. You can also easily start navigation to drive to nearest ice cream truck.
6. You can schedule a party ice cream truck visit easily.

GoSweet for icecream/icee vendors with trucks or stores:
0) Ice cream truck owners can list all product menus on the app for customers to select before truck’s arrival.
1) Ice cream truck owners can sign up vendor account easily and try the service
2) Vendors can easily find the customer order requests on the order map
3) Vendors can drive to the hot request areas with many requests
4) Vendors can call customers to confirm the order before driving to there
5) Vendors can accept customer requests for event/party visit.
6) Vendors’ app will automatically notify all nearby GoSweet users whenever they move around.

GoSweet works in all countries with Google Map service.

Being 100% honest, we believe that someone has taken our idea and knocked it off. Just take a look at the use of the English language in the opening sentence, “GoSweet is Uber for icecream, icee, and yoguart to get thirsty you cool down.” Our youngest team member is 9 and she knows yogurt isn’t spelled “yoguart” and “icecream” is two words, just saying.

So, we think someone (who didn’t know how to spell in English) decided to take our idea and “flesh” it out without understanding what we are trying to bring to the delivery of frozen treats. Additionally, we believe that when someone does a bad job at something, it is because they lack the passion required to pull the thing off. We are not lacking in the passion department!

No. 2: Ice Cream Truck Finder by Tatiana Smith

Our second app is found on Google Play for Android and is called Ice Cream Truck Finder by Tatiana Smith, and currently has a 1 star rating. The following review seems to be the consensus of everyone providing feedback:

This app seems to be a dead idea that does not provide what it claims to offer.

No. 3: Ice Cream Truck by Anastazja Bagdziun-Markacheva

This next app, conveniently titled Ice Cream Truck by Anastazja Bagdziun-Markacheva, seems to have good reviews, but it is misleading because you cannot contact a “real” ice cream truck, this is a game. This frustrating/misleading (but also somehow cool) ice cream truck app has reviews such as the following:

No. 4: Ice Cream Please by Ice Cream Please LLC

Ice Cream Please says they offer an app, but we’ve struggled to locate them on Google Play and the App Store. So, we aren’t sure if the app has been removed or whether it is still in operation. Ice Cream Please LLC states on their website:


Do you love ice cream but the ice cream truck never shows up when you want it. We feel your pain.
Now you can let the ice cream truck know you want your ice cream. Just open up the Ice Cream Please app, find a truck nearby on the map or list, and request a visit from your neighborhood ice cream truck. Have a party or event that would be better with an ice cream truck? Just select the number of guests, the location, and date and your ice cream truck will confirm the details through our in-app messaging tab. Hang on tight and watch on the map as the truck comes to your street.

The website has dead links (i.e. welcome package link, iOS link, Android link, etc) leaving this idea not complete and/or unusable.

In closing, as of 9/22/21 (the date of this post), there seems to be no commercially available Ice Cream Truck app on the market! This is great news because it means that the timing is right for our idea, we simply need grown-ups to also see this.

This review of our competitors fills us with hope and renews our enthusiasm about our idea!

We also wanted to make sure we put this here:

IF you want to develop an ice cream truck app, please don’t compete with us; instead, try contacting us! Let’s work together to make the perfect app! With the right attitude, we can accomplish anything together!

Get Dat Cream Kids! 🙂 😉


The WuCream Truck Team Gets Political?!?

Here at WuCream Truck our team doesn’t usually get political very often. In fact, we like to mainly focus on ice cream trucks and such. It’s pretty safe to say, we can all agree that when ice cream trucks and the President of the United States come together, the WCT Team must stand up and make their voice heard!

That being said, we know that the US President sends “secret” messages to their population of supporters during televised speeches. We have learned that wealthy grown-ups like to do this to send important information about their intent without having to deal with consequences for their actions. We would like to highlight exactly how important getting our app created is and President Biden has confirmed the importance of our app as well.

In the following video, you will see that President Biden himself thinks that ice cream trucks are more important than anything you are doing right just now. Watch for yourself:

I’ll bet you never even noticed this kind of stuff happening during speeches but it happens all the time. We’re glad you took the time to allow us to take you to the library on this one.

After viewing this, we are pretty confident that we ALL know what that sneaky old President Biden is trying to tell us. Also, after reviewing this “secret” message from the President, we totally know he would use our app… he would be what we would consider a “platinum” member. Oh wait, a Silver Fox Member. Dang, that was good. I need to write this down, oh wait, I’m actually still typing. Either way, we think you got the joke. Ice cream trucks are fun. Thanks for reading.

Get Dat Cream Kids! 😉 🙂


Grown-up Project Contributors

Grown-up WuCream Truck Team Members

We understand how hard it is to give of your time and resources. As kids, we have a lot of imagination and not a lot of money. When people help us, it isn’t for the money, and we wanted to share our thanks.

The following grown-ups have worked really hard to help us kids with our ice cream truck app. We don’t want to forget anyone who has contributed to our dream of making an ice cream truck app!

Matthew Mansfield
WebMaster / Mentor
Personal Website
Sara Hogendoorn
Graphic Artist
Personal Website
Server Administrator
Katie Witham
Social Media Guru

From us to you, thank you so much grown-up WuCream Truck contributors! 

Other Grown-up WuHelpers

Whether it be through helpful advice, directing us to useful materials, or just plain ol’ emotional support, we’d like to thank the following grown-ups for helping us to never hesitate to dream big.

Amy Bemis
Jennifer Waller
School Teacher
School Website

Our New WuLogo!

By way of background, on 6/28/21Chris Todd, Residential Faculty – Digital Art at Mesa Community College (MCC), sent our logo redesign request to his students. In response, a student named Sara Hogendoorn agreed to help us with our logo redesign project!

We were really excited to have Sara as a WuCream Truck team member!

Initially, we were using the following screenshot of RZA’s ice cream truck (from his video here):

Since we weren’t able to get in touch with RZA, we felt bad using this as our logo.

On 9/4/21, Sara Hogendoorn completed our new logo! We are happy to reveal the following new logo:

We’ve updated the website and will use our logo moving forward. We’re very grateful for Sara’s work on our logo. We feel this was such an improvement on what we had previously!

Thank you so mUcH Sara!

For more information about Sara Hogendoorn, and to view her work online, check out her awesomeness at


Website Survey: Your Favorite Good Humor Frozen Treat


Ward Traditional Academy: Favorite Good Humor Frozen Treat Survey

The (below) survey (Fig. 1) was sent to the Ward Traditional Academy 6th – 8th grade technology students. The purpose of the survey was to assist us in the design process. The WuCream Team wanted to determine which frozen treats the kids preferred to see.

Figure 1. Screenshot of Survey
Figure 1. Screenshot of Survey

We received 50 responses from Ward Traditional Academy!

On 9/14/2021, the results of the survey at Ward Traditional Academy were finished being submitted. The results of the survey are as follows:

Place Item Image
1st Giant Vanilla Sandwich
2nd Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich
3rd Sundae Cone
4th Strawberry Shortcake
5th Creamsicle
6th Chocolate Eclair

Mister Softee vintage commercial

It’s fun to see kids of any era enjoying the excitement of ice cream! We sure do love our ice cream!


WuCream Truck Team Presentation

First of all, thank you for visiting our first presentation page!

We know that over time our app will have numerous rollouts, updates, and revisions that will change the look but hopefully never the fell. The beginning design of the app is open for change but we would like to always keep the colors bright and fun for kids.

Our initial design of the app is covered in this presentation. We hope you enjoy!


It’s a Win-Win-Win!

We believe WCT is clever, useful, profitable, and a great way to bring kids together. It’s a win-win-win!

Please join me and my team to help build this app. Our goal is to get this app on all platforms that kids use, including (but not limited to) Android and iOS.

Blog emails

Sara Hogendoorn, Mesa Community College, Re: Logo Redesign

On 6/28/21, Chris Todd, Residential Faculty – Digital Art at Mesa Community College (MCC), sent our logo redesign request to his students. In response, a student named Sara Hogendoorn agreed to help us with our logo redesign project! We are really excited to have Sara as a WuCream Truck team member!

For more information about Sara, and to view her work online, check out her awesomeness at


We Are Connected To Social Media!

Timothy, our project manager and creator of WCT, turned 13! He officially qualifies for an account on Facebook and is now taking the lead on the WuCream Team’s social media!


Project Timeline

July, 2017

Came up with the idea for an ice cream truck app.

Sept, 2018

Started a savings account for project


Continued saving allowance money for our app

Aug, 2020

Saved enough for website!

Aug, 2020

Heard NPR interview with RZA and came up with the name WuCreamTruck.

Jan, 2021

Saved enough for our own PO Box!

April, 2021

Saved enough to renew PO Box! Woot!

May, 2021

Tim turned 13 and can have a Facebook account! Woot! We can begin focusing on social media!

Jun, 2021

Saved enough for our own development server for the app backend.

Jun, 2021

Sara Hogendoorn Joins WCT Team!

July, 2021

Completed presentation including concept art.

Aug, 2021

After no response from RZA following reasonable good faith attempts to contact him, we filed the trade name WuCream Truck.

Aug, 2021

WuCream Truck’s Doing Business As (DBA) was successfully filed with the Arizona Secretary of State! 🙂 😉

Sept, 2021

Sara Hogendoorn completed our new logo redesign!

Sept, 2021

Finished our first WuSurvey at Ward Traditional Academy! 😉

Sept, 2021

Katie Witham joins WCT team as our Social Media Guru! 🙂 😉

Sept, 2021

We didn’t have enough allowance money saved to renew our PO Box. So, we had to let it go. 🙁