The WuCream Truck Team Gets Political?!?

Here at WuCream Truck our team doesn’t usually get political very often. In fact, we like to mainly focus on ice cream trucks and such. It’s pretty safe to say, we can all agree that when ice cream trucks and the President of the United States come together, the WCT Team must stand up and make their voice heard!

That being said, we know that the US President sends “secret” messages to their population of supporters during televised speeches. We have learned that wealthy grown-ups like to do this to send important information about their intent without having to deal with consequences for their actions. We would like to highlight exactly how important getting our app created is and President Biden has confirmed the importance of our app as well.

In the following video, you will see that President Biden himself thinks that ice cream trucks are more important than anything you are doing right just now. Watch for yourself:

I’ll bet you never even noticed this kind of stuff happening during speeches but it happens all the time. We’re glad you took the time to allow us to take you to the library on this one.

After viewing this, we are pretty confident that we ALL know what that sneaky old President Biden is trying to tell us. Also, after reviewing this “secret” message from the President, we totally know he would use our app… he would be what we would consider a “platinum” member. Oh wait, a Silver Fox Member. Dang, that was good. I need to write this down, oh wait, I’m actually still typing. Either way, we think you got the joke. Ice cream trucks are fun. Thanks for reading.

Get Dat Cream Kids! 😉 🙂