Who we are

We are a bunch of kids who love eating ice cream here in Arizona.

We love when the ice cream truck comes down our street but mostly, it doesn’t drive down our street. It’s a huge bummer when it happens. Most days in the Summer, there are excessive heat warnings and you can’t spend much time outside playing, don’t even think about chasing down a seemingly invisible ice cream truck. A couple years ago we really got frustrated because we never seemed to be able to get ice cream in the summer or anytime at all.

Instead of being upset about the problem, my dad says we should think of a solution; so, that’s what we did. I talked with my friends (Levi and Logan) and we thought that there should be an app that lets kids to send a request for an ice cream truck to come down their street so the ice cream truck can be in areas where kids will actually be (instead of driving around nowhere near anybody).

Me, Levi, and Logan started WuCreamTruck after we saw an NPR story titled “Wutang Clan’s RZA On The Racist History Of A Popular Ice Cream Jingle“. In this interview, RZA said Wutang is for the kids and we thought this was awesome! Here is the new and improved jingle that RZA made:

We love that some grown-up’s remember the important things, you know, like ice cream!

On this website, we will be blogging our progress through making our ice cream truck app for kids. Our goal is to make ice cream delivery easier for the drivers but also easier for kids. We will be writing letters to company’s (like Good Humor, Waze, etc), also different public figures and celebrities. We think that because of all of the people we talk to, a grown-up somewhere will help us.

The WuCreamTeam
Timothy Mansfield
Project Manager
Levi Mansfield
Camera Man
Logan Kanund

How it Works

We think WuCreamTruck is clever, useful, profitable, and a great way to bring kids together. It’s a win-win-win!

Join me and my team to help build this app. Our goal is to get this app on all platforms that kids use, including (but not limited to) Android and iOS. 

This site is new and so they’ll be some constructing happening. Please be patient while we work on some things here and there. 

Our Project Timeline

Aug, 2018

Came up with idea for ice cream truck app

Sep, 2018

Started a savings account for project


Continued saving allowance money for our app

Aug, 2020

Saved enough for website!

Aug, 2020

Heard NPR interview with RZA and came up with the name WuCreamTruck.

Next, we hope to save enough allowance money to order marketing materials like business cards, flyers, and posters. Having this website has been incredible. We think that having this website will increase our odds of making this app possible because we will be able to spread the word!

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