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We are among many kids who treasure eating ice cream here in Arizona.

We love when the ice cream truck travels down our street, although it seems far too seldom! In Arizona, during the summer,  excessive heat warnings seem frequent, and we can’t spend much time outside playing, let alone chasing a seemingly invisible ice cream truck!  A couple of years ago, we became very frustrated because we never seemed able to make a connection with any ice cream truck! 

Instead of being upset about the problem, my dad suggested we think of a solution; so that’s what we did.  I talked with my brother and sister, Levi and Logan, and we thought we just might be able to create an app that would allow kids to send a request for an ice cream truck to deliver ice cream to their doorsteps! 

That is when we created WuCreamTruck (WCT) after my dad saw an NPR story titled “Wutang Clan’s RZA On The Racist History Of A Popular Ice Cream Jingle“. In this interview, RZA said Wutang is for kids and we thought this was awesome! Here is the new and improved jingle that RZA made:

We love that some grown-up’s remember the important things in life, you know, like ice cream!

On this website, we will be blogging our progress as we continue to revise and expand our ice cream truck app for kids. Our goal is to make ice cream delivery easier for kids, as well as the drivers who bring delicious cold treats to homes. We will be writing letters to companies (like Good Humor, Waze, etc), but also to various public figures and celebrities. We hope that through our letter writing efforts, a grown-up somewhere will help us.

The WuCream Truck Team

Timothy Mansfield
Project Manager
Levi Mansfield
Camera Man
Logan Kanund

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WuCream Truck Team Presentation:
The WuCream Truck App


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