Grown-up Project Contributors

Grown-up WuCream Truck Team Members

We understand how hard it is to give of your time and resources. As kids, we have a lot of imagination and not a lot of money. When people help us, it isn’t for the money, and we wanted to share our thanks.

The following grown-ups have worked really hard to help us kids with our ice cream truck app. We don’t want to forget anyone who has contributed to our dream of making an ice cream truck app!

Matthew Mansfield
WebMaster / Mentor
Personal Website
Sara Hogendoorn
Graphic Artist
Personal Website
Server Administrator
Katie Witham
Social Media Guru

From us to you, thank you so much grown-up WuCream Truck contributors! 

Other Grown-up WuHelpers

Whether it be through helpful advice, directing us to useful materials, or just plain ol’ emotional support, we’d like to thank the following grown-ups for helping us to never hesitate to dream big.

Amy Bemis
Jennifer Waller
School Teacher
School Website