Our New WuLogo!

By way of background, on 6/28/21Chris Todd, Residential Faculty – Digital Art at Mesa Community College (MCC), sent our logo redesign request to his students. In response, a student named Sara Hogendoorn agreed to help us with our logo redesign project!

We were really excited to have Sara as a WuCream Truck team member!

Initially, we were using the following screenshot of RZA’s ice cream truck (from his video here):

Since we weren’t able to get in touch with RZA, we felt bad using this as our logo.

On 9/4/21, Sara Hogendoorn completed our new logo! We are happy to reveal the following new logo:

We’ve updated the website and will use our logo moving forward. We’re very grateful for Sara’s work on our logo. We feel this was such an improvement on what we had previously!

Thank you so mUcH Sara!

For more information about Sara Hogendoorn, and to view her work online, check out her awesomeness at