Project Timeline

July, 2017

Came up with the idea for an ice cream truck app.

Sept, 2018

Started a savings account for project


Continued saving allowance money for our app

Aug, 2020

Saved enough for website!

Aug, 2020

Heard NPR interview with RZA and came up with the name WuCreamTruck.

Jan, 2021

Saved enough for our own PO Box!

April, 2021

Saved enough to renew PO Box! Woot!

May, 2021

Tim turned 13 and can have a Facebook account! Woot! We can begin focusing on social media!

Jun, 2021

Saved enough for our own development server for the app backend.

Jun, 2021

Sara Hogendoorn Joins WCT Team!

July, 2021

Completed presentation including concept art.

Aug, 2021

After no response from RZA following reasonable good faith attempts to contact him, we filed the trade name WuCream Truck.

Aug, 2021

WuCream Truck’s Doing Business As (DBA) was successfully filed with the Arizona Secretary of State! 🙂 😉

Sept, 2021

Sara Hogendoorn completed our new logo redesign!

Sept, 2021

Finished our first WuSurvey at Ward Traditional Academy! 😉

Sept, 2021

Katie Witham joins WCT team as our Social Media Guru! 🙂 😉

Sept, 2021

We didn’t have enough allowance money saved to renew our PO Box. So, we had to let it go. 🙁