Richard Toler, Mesa Community College, Re: Media Campaign

On 7/20/21, we initially reached out to Preston Cameron, Residential Faculty Program Director of the Mesa Community College General Business office. However, after Mr. Cameron responded, he referred us to Richard Toler at Mesa Community College as a more useful point of contact. In the email response, Mr. Cameron also CC’ing the email to Dr. Toler.

We did send a follow-up email to Dr. Toler regarding assistance growing the WCT social media presence.

On 7/22/2021, Dr. Toler wrote us back and let us know that he posted our request to students. However, classes got out July 21st, so there may not be any students who are interested. Due to that, Dr. Toler let us know that he would be happy to repost when the Fall semester starts up!

A big thanks to Dr. Toler! We’re excited to find out if we are able to recruit any assistance in improving our social media presence! 🙂 😉

On 9/14/2021, we emailed Dr. Toler to follow-up on the status of any potential students who may be able to assist with the app development aspect of our project.

We will update this post with any further contact we have with Dr. Toler! 🙂 😉