Letter to Scott Simon With NPR

C.C.’d Letter to RZA

Dear RZA,

My name is Timothy Mansfield and I’m from Arizona. One summer day, my brother, my sister, and I heard an ice cream truck. Like usual, we rushed to our dad for some money. Although we sprinted around the block several times in the middle of the summer, we couldn’t find the ice cream truck. We were frustrated that we lost it and went back home all sweaty, with no ice cream.

I have been talking about ice cream trucks for years, when recently my dad read the NPR article about your new song. I was tremendously excited at this new opportunity to promote my idea throughout the world. I did some research about you, because I was very interested in what the article said. I learned about your success and how easily your career seemed to take off.

In fact, the timing of your song and my idea seemed almost too perfect, for you created a new ice cream truck song exactly at the time that I had an idea for an ice cream truck app. The app I constructed would be called WuCreamTruck, and it would be a better way for kids to get ice cream without running for blocks to do so! It would also be a way for the ice cream truck drivers to earn more money by streamlining their deliveries. Ice cream would be transported to a house once requested, and then the ice cream truck would play your song when the ice cream was delivered. It seemed like a pretty cool idea to me, and I was wondering if we could have permission to use your name and your song on the website. I am also hoping you might consider being a business partner to help us get my idea up and running! In fact, we would appreciate any advice you might be willing to give!

Thank you for taking the time to read the letter and for your consideration. It was fun working on my new app, and I think that if you can lend us a helping hand, you can have some fun, too!


Timothy Mansfield

encl. WuCream Truck brochure

CC. Scott Simon

Portable Document File (PDF) of letter to RZA

CLICK HERE for copy of brochure sent with the letter

As of 8/18/2021, we received our letter to Scott Simon back with “RETURN TO SENDER” typed across a yellow sticker. I guess we will try to reach him another way!

We reached out to Scott Simon via his Facebook page.