37 Various Professionals, University of Denver, Re: App Development

On 9/28/21, after locating a directory of email addresses (online here), for assistance drafting legal terms for our app, we reached out to the following people at the University of Denver via email:

Merisa Bissinger
Director of Business and Operations

Jennifer Brown
Electronic Resources Access & Discovery Manager

Chris Brown
Reference Technology Integration Librarian Professor

Nancy Clark
Community Relations Coordinator

Lisa Diedrich
Executive Assistant

Meg Eastwood
Science & Engineering Reference Librarian Assistant Professor

David Fasman
Metadata Technician, Beck Archives

Carrie Forbes
Associate Dean for Student & Scholar Services

Esther Gil
Business & Economics Reference Librarian Associate Professor

Michael Levine-Clark

Fernando Reyes
Senior Systems Developer

New, Donald L.
Senior Project Manager

AlBow, Mohammed M.
Teaching Assistant Professor

Amschler Andrews, Anneliese K.

Corley, Meredith
Assistant to the Chair

Dalton, Don A.
Visiting Teaching Assistant Professor

Das, Sanchari
Assistant Professor

Dewri, Rinku
Associate Professor

Durso, Catherine S.
Teaching Professor

Edgington, Jeffrey M.
Teaching Professor

Evans, Nate S.
Teaching Assistant Professor

Gaciu, Serban
Assistant Professor of the Practice

Garcia, Dante D.
Assistant, Program

GauthierDickey, Chris J.
Associate Professor

Hannum, Andrew T.
Visiting Teaching Asst. Prof.

Haring, Kerstin S.
Assistant Professor

Harmon, Bruce B.
Professor of the Practice of Computer Science, Faculty Director

Kossek, Wojciech K.
Visiting Teaching Associate Professor

Leutenegger, Scott T.
Director of Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Liu, Faan Tone
Teaching Professor

Lopez, Mario A.

Mitchell, Will T.
Visiting Teaching Assistant Professor

Pittman, Dan E.
Associate Professor of the Practice

Reardon, Christopher M.
Assistant Professor

Rutherford, Matt J.
Associate Professor

Shurtleff, Wurth M.
Coordinator, Program

Stevenson, Daniel E.
Teaching Professor

We will update this post if/when we hear something back!

Get Dat Cream Kids! 😉 🙂