Various Professionals, Drexel University, Re: Sound Effects Capstone Project | WuCreamTruck Mobile App!

On 9/9/21, after locating a directory of email addresses (online here), for assistance developing cool sound effects for our app, we reached out to the following people at Drexel University via email:

Theo A. Artz
Emeritus Associate Professor, Digital Media

Milady Bridges
Program Director, Animation & Visual Effects

Paul Diefenbach
Associate Professor

Troy W. Finamore
Program Director, User Experience & Interaction Design

Aroutis Foster
Associate Professor

Nick Jushchyshyn
Program Director, Virtual Reality & Immersive Media

Frank J. Lee
Professor, Digital Media
Director, Entrepreneurial Game Studio”

Robert Lloyd
Associate Teaching Professor, Program Director, Game Design & Production

Nathalie Mathe
Assistant Professor, Digital Media

Glen Muschio
Associate Professor

Santiago Ontanon
Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Emil Polyak
Assistant Professor, Digital Media

Stefan Rank
Associate Professor

Daniel Rose
Assistant Teaching Professor, Digital Media

Tony A. Rowe
Assistant Teaching Professor

Jervis Thompson
Teaching Professor, User Experience & Interaction Design

Michael Wagner
Department Head, Digital Media; Program Director, Graduate Digital Media

Daphney Wright
Administrative Assistant, Digital Media

Jichen Zhu Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Feel free to check back to this page as often as you would like! We will update this page if/when we hear something back!