144 Various Professionals, Re: Capstone Project | WuCreamTruck Mobile App!

On 9/9/21, after locating a directory of email addresses (online here), for assistance developing our app, we reached out to the following people at the Francistuttle Technology CenterEocTech, and Gordon Cooper Technology Center via email:

Instructors at EocTech
Babek, Jeff
Burton, Bob (N/A)
Castle, Carl (N/A)
Davis, Joshua
Foresee, Jeffrey
Gaddis, Jana (N/A)
Haney, Cynthia (N/A)
Hayes, Cathy
Hlavaty, Ben
James, Larry (N/A)
Johnson, Kristy
LaFevers, Jim
Largent, Lynn (N/A)
Lawrence, Richard (N/A)
Lord, Edward
Mackey, Rachelle (N/A)
Manwell, Karen
Ogden, Bentley
Spencer, Tracie
Thomas, Mitchell (N/A)
Tracy, Travis

Instructors at Francistuttle: 
Back, William
Clark, Wendy
Graham, Kristin
Hale, Cindy
Harris, Janet
Lujan, Angeliec
Moore, Dennis
Young, Bruce
Baker, Julius
Brockwell, Sean
Clark, Johnny
Crump, Bryce
Golden, Stacy
Gregory, Mike
Hughes, Kyle
Johnson, Barbara
Keester, Jared
Kitzrow, Bryan
Koutahi, Charles
Lackey, Darin
Lancaster, Linda
Maynard, Matthew
Lairet, Minna
Lindsey, Linda
Mance, Nick
Meyer, Sherri
Montrose, Kimberly
Nance, Dan
Parish, Shari
Patel, Tanay
Pierce, Karen
Pierce, Mark
Prather Skinner
Rice, Kacy
Roberson, Stormie
Saliba, Rick
Salim, Kareem
Salim, Khaaliq
Scalf, Molly
Scott, Jaared
Scott, Troy
Sossamon, Eric
Stark, Richard
Turpin, John
Wallace, Terry
Warren, Judy
Watkins, Monique
Weatherford, Dr Millie
White, Marva
Williams-Maynard, Renee
Wright, Roderick
Ailstock, Guy
Anderson, Ronald
Bailey, Kari
Banda, Anna-Maria
Beagle, Shawn
Beard, Melody
Bonham, Michael
Bowman, Natalie
Boyd, Steve
Brown, Wesley
Cosper, Crystal
Dalhed, Juliette
Daugherty, Shawn
Dinkins, Liz
Drabek, Clint
Evans, Karen
Foster, Alison
Freeland, Beth
Gaylor, Kinsey
George, Sandra
Gleaves, Sherri
Gleese, Krystal
Green, Elbert
Harris, Kristen
Harris, Stephanie
Hudson, Jayne
Johnson, Jeff
Johnson, Wilmer
Jordan, Natalie
Kerr, Sue
King, Dennese
Kissick, Sheila
Kropfinger, Bryan
Lawson, Charles
Lee, Wendy
Leib, Bill
Lugo, Ginger
Marsh, Jason
Martin, Shane
Mayorga, Rick

Instructors at Gordon Cooper Technology Center:
Chapman, Marc
Crouch, Jamie
Curtis, Joe
de la Pena, Carlos
Eiland, Jodie
Fox, Timothy
Frerichs, Darrell
Frerichs, Sue
Frye, Pamela
Gober, Kevin
Harden, Aimee (N/A)
Henson, Robert
Howard, Secret
Hunt, Traci (N/A)
Johnson, Lisa
Jolly, Ed
Ketchum, Gay
Laxton, Keri (N/A)
Lee, Sharla
Lowrance, Betty
Lowry, Kathy (N/A)
Malouf, Megan
McClure, Rick
McCollough, Lori (N/A)
Melton, Melia (N/A)
Pickering, Jerry (N/A)
Pierce, Mary (N/A)
Rhodes, Curtis
Schmidlkofer, Paul (N/A)
Shuler, Elliot
Taylor, Dempsey
Utter, Jessica

  • On 9/9/21, Jessica responded to our email saying she believes she has a student that may want to accept our app development project.
  • On 9/9/21, we responded to Jessica to let her know that we look forward to when a student accepts our project.
  • On 9/9/21, we created a Blog page for our correspondence with Jessica Utter. 
  • Visit the blog page HERE for updates on our communication with Jessica Utter.


[UPDATE] On 9/9/21, moments after sending this email, the following people’s emails were rejected:

  1. James, Larry
  2. Harden, Aimee
  3. Pierce, Mary
  4. McCollough, Lori
  5. Laxton, Keri
  6. Schmidlkofer, Paul
  7. Thomas, Mitchell
  8. Gaddis, Jana
  9. Haney, Cynthia
  10. Largent, Lynn
  11. Hunt, Traci
  12. Castle, Carl
  13. Pickering, Jerry
  14. Burton, Bob
  15. Lowry, Kathy
  16. Lawrence, Richard
  17. Mackey, Rachelle
  18. Melton, Melia

So, we scratched them out (above) as well.

We will provide more updates as we get them! 😉

We are eagerly awaiting further response(s) from the people on this list and will update this post accordingly.