Isabella Jibilian, Business Insider, Re: Contacting RZA

On 8/16/2021, we emailed Isabella Jibilian, fellow at Business Insider, and author of the article titled, “Good Humor teamed up with Wu Tang Clan’s RZA to write a new song for ice-cream trucks that isn’t racist“. We reached out to Isabella regarding assistance in contacting RZA. We will provide updates to this post as soon as we hear something back.

On 08/20/2021, Isabella Jibilian, Associate Producer with the Rhode Island PBS Weekly responded advising that she is no longer with Business Insider, therefore, unable to assist in running our story. However, she was encouraging and said that she wrote her article based on the press release titled, “Good Humor and The RZA Collaborate on a New Ice Cream Truck Jingle for a New Era“. With her encouragement, we reached out to Victoria Kwan at Good Humor!