Joshua Meehan, Composer/Sound Designer, University of Miami Grad, Re: App Sound Effects

On 9/11/21, after locating a directory of email addresses (online here), for assistance developing cool sound effects for our app, we reached out to a lot of people at Frost School at University of Miami. We posted about it HERE, too.

On 9/12/21, Amanda Quist wrote us back saying she knew of a recent grad student, Joshua Meehan, who may be interested in working on our project! There is more about our communication with Amanda HERE.

On 9/13/21, Joshua Meehan wrote us back via email saying that he is interested in working with us! Joshua just graduated from the University of Miami and  has experience working as a composer and sound designer! We scheduled a virtual meeting with Joshua for 9/17/21 and we look forward to meeting with him!

We will update this post with more information as we get it. As always, we look forward to providing you with more updates as we have them! 🙂

On 9/17/21, we virtually met with Joshua about the sound effects for the app. Joshua told us he’s not interested in helping on a pro Bono basis, so, we may not be able to afford Joshua’s services but as soon as we can, we would love to have him as part of our team! Until then, we may have to go with another route but we’ll see what Joshuas prices are when he gets back to us

On 9/19/21, Joshua got back with us and let us know that he would be willing to be part of the WCT Team for a price. That price runs $20 per soundbyte, which unfortunately, is too much for what we have in our allowance savings account.

We believe that Joshua is an amazing talent but we cannot afford his services at this time. We will be scouting for another sound engineer.

We will keep this page updated with any changes in status!